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Maogo TVA New Media platform of Hunan TVhttp://www.mgtv.com/
360A leading server of Internet and mobile Internet security products and services fieldhttp://www.360.com/
Yicai GlobalThe most influential financial media with full varieties in Chinahttp://www.yicai.com/
Microsoft New AllianceMobile Internet serverhttp://www.ovi.com.cn/
YITUA leading AI companyhttps://www.yitutech.com/cn
United ImagingChinese largest provider of advanced medical imaging device and integrated solutionhttps://www.united-imaging.com/cn/home/
Ping An Healthcare and TechnologyThe biggest online diagnosis platform in Chinahttp://www.jk.cn/
We DoctorA leading mobile Internet portal for medical treatment and Internet hospital in Chinahttp://www.guahao.com/
MicroPortA leading vascular device company in China(688016.SH)http://www.microport.com.cn
Cheng Da BiotechnologyThe largest rabies vaccine firm in China (831550.OC)http://cdbio.cn/
MEGVIIA leading AI companyhttps://www.megvii.com/
PNCDomestic high purity process system solution provider (603690.SH)http://www.pnc-systems.com/
Jushri TechnologiesHigh-tech broadband wireless communication company(300762.SZ)http://www.jushri.com
ANKERLeading in the field of cross-border e-commerce brand operators, ranking first in the field of charging, power supply and USBhttp://www.anker.com/
China UnionPayThe largest and Exclusive bank card organization in Chinahttp://cn.unionpay.com/
Shanghai Engineering Cell TherapyShanghai leading immune cell therapy centerhttp://www.shcell.com/
STA PharmaA leading CMO firm (832159.OC)http://www.stapharma.com.cn/cn/
iRay TechnologyLeader in the development and manufacturing of key X-ray system components used in medical, security and industrial imaginghttp://www.iraygroup.com
CapitalBio TechnologyAn industry-leading life science company that provides products and services based on innovative microarray/microfluidic chips and NGShttp://www.capitalbiotech.com/
BOC InternationalA leading broker in Chinahttp://www.bocichina.com/
New Classics MediaOne of the largest film and television production issuers in China (0772.HK)http://www.ncmchina.com/
SMG PicturesSMG subsidiary- film and television firm (600637.SH)http://www.smgpictures.cn/
Mahua Fun AgeThe most appealling living theater organization in Chinahttp://www.kaixinmahua.com.cn/
CAIPLeading domestic manufacturer of car interior accessories (603035.SH)http://www.caip.com.cn/
AdTechOne of the leadeing firm in the industrial automation and motion control field (002527.SZ)http://www.adtechcn.com
CF PharmTechA high-tech pharmaceutical company focusing on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of high-quality inhalation niche products for the domestic and global markethttp://www.cfpharmtech.com
JZJ Health Drug StoreOne of the largest pharmaceutical retailer in southwest Chinahttp://www.jzj.cn/
SinotherapeuticsLeading Chinese and American high - end generic drug enterpriseshttp://www.sinotherapeutics.com/
HaihuanA state-owned water operation firm in Fujian Province (603817.SH)http://www.fjhxhb.com/
CSD Water ServiceA leading private sewage operating firm (603903.SH)http://www.zchb-water.net/
Tong Oil ToolsA leading oil service provider in China (300164.SZ)http://www.tongoiltools.com/
ChubaoAn innovative Internet company with leading real-time coomunication tools and input method(CTK.N)http://www.chubao.cn/
IDSSLeading provider of information & data security solutionshttp://www.idss-cn.com
CertusNetDomestic leading provider in flexible network core technology,integrated solutions,and operation service.http://www.certusnet.com.cn/
EmoneyA leading Internet securities software company in China (832950.OC)http://www.emoney.cn/
WestWellLeading AI solution service providershttp://www.westwell-lab.com/en/home/
Shanghai Data ExchangeA leading data exchange platform in Chinahttp://www.chinadep.com/
See YaLeading silicon-based OLED companies in Chinahttp://www.seeya-tech.com/
InnovizWorld leading solid state LiDAR companyhttps://innoviz.tech/
QST CorporationMEMS sensor platform with independent chip research and development capabilitieshttp://www.qstcorp.com
BIOTHEUSFocusing on the discovery and development of novel/next generation therapeutic antibodies for oncology and metabolic diseaseshttp://www.biotheus.com/
THOUSANDAKSLeading supplier of bio-pharmaceutical technical services and contract manufacturing serviceshttp://www.tobiopharm.com/
GensciencesA biotechnology company dedicated to improve the lives of people living with hemophilia Jouz
AdvaccineAn innovative vaccine development company based on the frontier technology of immunologywww.advaccine.com
Sight DXUtilizing advanced computer vision and machine learning technology in the realm of blood diagnosticshttps://www.sightdx.com/
CHICMAXA domestic leading cosmetics brand in Chinahttp://www.kans.cn/
PetkitA leading technology firm in the pet industryhttp://www.petkit.com/
UnionTechAn industrial 3D printing companyhttp://www.union-tek.com
SupratecLeading supplier of water treatment equipment and technologyhttp://www.supratecgroup.cn/
VatonNatural gas pipeline construction and operation firmhttp://www.xavaton.com/
Rapid MedicalGlobal leading interventional treatment device deceloper for brain stokehttps://www.rapid-medical.com/
Medi MedicalA leading manufacturer of magnetocardiography based on SQUID sensorshttp://www.cshmedi.com/
DVLChinese styptic powder manufacturer (870445.OC)
Action PowerA leading company of power & electronics R&D in Chinahttp://www.cnaction.com
KJT.comThe top cross-border e-commerce firm in Chinahttp://www.kjt.com/
ZStackA leading private/hybrid cloud provider in Chinahttps://www.zstack.io/
Synfuels ChinaMarket leader of CTL fieldhttp://www.synfuelschina.com.cn/
RichtechOffshore oil and gas development engineering designer (832547.OC)http://www.richtechcn.com/
ShopexThe largest e-commerce software firm in Chinahttp://www.shopex.cn
HLGFA leading company of flight simulator R&Dhttp://www.kshlgf.com
JouzA well-known overseas e-cigarette brand with first-class product experiencehttps://www.jouz.cn